Saints Are Only Sinners Who Keep Trying

“Saints are only sinners who keep trying.” Those are the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (a Saint if there ever was one).

What wonderful consolation is found in those words. It speaks to God and His unfathomable mercy and His strong desire that we not be condemned but be saved.

Please let me re-emphasize. It is the strong desire of God that we not be condemned.

When you reorient your thinking to this reality, you may find the hope you need to finally overcome that daunting weakness that seems to conquer you over and over again.

Don’t give up. God is on your side. He loves you with a love unfathomable and inexpressible. This reality is clearly expressed in the film The Passion of the Christ.

The film graphically expresses the incomprehensible truth that God himself wants so desperately to save you that he willingly suffered the most unspeakable pain on your behalf to satisfy the awful blood requirement of sin.

Do you think you are the only one struggling with sin?

I’ve got news for you; you aren’t. Pick up your Bible and read.

You will read of Cain who slew his own brother (Cf. Genesis 4:8).

You will read of the brothers of Joseph who threw him in a pit, sold him into slavery and told his father he’d been eaten by wild animals (Cf. Genesis 37:23-33).

You will read of King David being an adulterer and murderer and you will read of Jesus’ most beloved disciple denying three times that he ever knew Him (Cf. Mark 14:72)!

A pastor at my church once commented that there are 3 ways to deny Christ:

  1. by word
  2. by deed
  3. by silence

Trust me when I say, I have committed all 3. Take courage because you are in large company. It is for this very reason that Christ suffered the unspeakable horrors that are, today, brought to the screen.

Remember this when that voice says to you “You cannot go to Mass for you are unworthy.” Rebuke this lie that was told to you straight from the venomous lips of the evil one. It is precisely your unworthiness that should cause you to run, with the greatest haste, to the font of mercy.

Jesus came to earth to save sinners just like you and me (Cf. 1 Timothy 1:15).

It is this treasure trove of mercy and grace that is the very cornerstone of our Catholic faith. He gives us the tools to be able to do what we simply cannot do.

Do you believe the scriptures or not?

Well, the scriptures say that, with God, All things are possible (Cf. Matthew 19:26). This includes the salvation of your soul.

This is why the rather simplistic view of salvation, that we needn’t participate in it, is rather silly. God has a long and storied history of enabling men to do the impossible.

By the power of God, a man parted the Red Sea and wrought seven plagues on Egypt, securing the release of the Hebrews. By the power of God, the human race was preserved in a boat made by a really, really old man.

By that power, a man lived in a whale, an army brought down the walls of Jericho with trumpets, an army was defeated by one man with a jawbone, a man survived in a den of hungry lions and 3 others suffered no pain in the flames of a furnace.

For God, saving you is a piece of cake. Please don’t give up.


  1. Rufino Kulas says

    Deciding to follow Jesus, one must deny himself & take up his cross. Let us be happy, be holy, & finally be a saint.

  2. says

    I’ve been in despair. The battle in my mind keeps me from any peace. I go to confession but have fallen so far. I love my preist also but he gives me the same penance every time but if I go to a different preist I’ve been given harder penances on a few occasions, I didn’t finish. Please pray for my soul. I feel broken & lost.

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