Reflections on current events from a Catholic perspective.

Is laziness a sin About Catholics

Is Laziness a Sin?

We all go through days where we just want to sit back, relax, do nothing and give in to laziness. Though we know laziness is not suitable for our productivity, we still somehow find ourselves in a situation wherein we choose to give in. Why is this so? Let’s dive in deeper and discuss the impacts of laziness and how it can be a sin and affect our spiritual life.

Is smoking a sin About Catholics

Is Smoking a Sin?

A lot of people smoke cigarettes but we also see everywhere that smoking is detrimental to our health. Isn’t that odd? What’s the deal with smoking? Is smoking a sin? Is it something that the Catholic Church completely forbids? Well, let’s dig in deeper and find out!

Cardinal Virtues Catholic About Catholics

What are Cardinal Virtues

A Cardinal virtue is also called a moral virtue or a human virtue. These virtues are something that’s important and part of our life not just as Catholics but as humans. Let’s find out more about Cardinal virtues and how and why we need them.

What Are Catholic Virtues About Catholics

What are Catholic Virtues?

Ever heard of the expression “patience is a virtue” and wonder what that exactly means? What exactly are virtues and why is patience one of them? Let’s dive in and talk more about the catholic virtues and how they impact our lives.

Is unforgiveness a sin about catholics

Is Unforgiveness a Sin?

We go through a lot of hurts and pains in our lives and they are not all equal. Some hurts are deeper and bigger, which gives us a more difficult time forgiving. There are cases though that may result in unforgiveness, which can create a lot of different effects in our life. Is unforgiveness bad? is it a sin? How can this affect us as Catholics? as people? Well, let’s dive in a bit deeper and find out!