Pope Francis on Climate Change

December 29, 2014

Pope Francis plans to call all catholics around the globe against climate change, something that can anger many of the Vatican conservatives. According to Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Vatican, cited by The Guardian daily, the pope wants to have direct influence about the vital conference of climate […]

Waiting for Christmas

November 15, 2014

I grew up in a household that put up the Christmas tree a few days after Thanksgiving. Our tree would be up until sometime after Christmas, usually coming down the first week of January. There was never a defining moment when the Christmas decorations went up or when they should come down. We didn’t talk […]

Google Filters Porn out of Internet Searches

December 14, 2012

Recently Google updated its algorithm to remove pornographic images in search results for non-pornographic searches according to a recent FoxNews.com report. Google tweaked its search algorithm overnight, effectively making it much harder to stumble upon pornographic images. The company says this will minimize the likelihood that a random search for, say, bicycling, would return sexually […]

A Brand New About Catholics

November 21, 2012
Launch Home Page Screenshot

Launch day is finally here! I’ve been working very hard to create a brand new About Catholics experience for you for many years and I am proud to offer this website to you today.

Piece of the Pie

April 11, 2003

It seems to me that everyone wants a piece of the pie, but not too many people want to do what it takes to get it. They try to cut corners or devise other ways to get at this pie, but in reality these people are only fooling themselves in thinking that they are going to […]