Privacy Policy

About Catholics ( is committed to protecting your privacy. For your protection About Catholics has chosen to disclose its information practices.

Information We Collect

About Catholics is the sole owner of all information we collect on our website. We collect the following types of information:

  • E-mail address
  • Search queries
  • HTTP Requests

How We Use Your Information

About Catholics does not collect any personally indentifiable data. We do not disclose any of your information to any third parties. About Catholics uses your information in the following ways:

E-mail address
Your e-mail address is collected only when you register with About Catholics for the use of the forums or if you contact us for the use of a personal reply. In the case of the forum you are given the option to disallow site administrators from e-mailing you. Also, you may adjust the forum settings so that no user may contact you. At no time is your e-mail address disclosed to anyone other than an About Catholics administrator for the sole use of a personal reply, monthly update or database clean-up.
Search queries
Anytime you use the search function on About Catholics your keywords and number of results is stored for the purpose of analyzing user searches. We use the data to find out what our user interests are and if they are receiveing any and accurate search results.
HTTP Requests
This information is, but not limited to referring links, click throughs, search engine search queries and browser information. We collect this data for the purpose of enhancing the user experience of our website and finding out how users come to and use About Catholics.

We retain data indefinitely unless it is user submitted data that is altered or deleted by the user (such as an e-mail address for the forums).

Securing Your Data

All your data is submitted safely and stored in our secure database. No one, except About Catholics site administrators have access to your data.

We use only the latest, most secure software so that any information we do collect is guaranteed to stay safe.

Child Protection

About Catholics collects the same information from young people under age 13 as all other people. However, people under age 13, if registering for the forum, need to agree to a different set of terms of service for the forums. When registering for the forums you will be prompted for age verification.

Accessing Or Correcting Your Information

The only information that we collect that you have access to is your information for forum registration and use. That is editable only upon login and then click “profile.”

At anytime you may ask to be deleted from the forums by contacting an administrator through private message only.

How to Contact About Catholics

If you have any questions or comments regarding your privacy at About Catholics you may contact us.