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Homework on Sundays

One of the Ten Commandments is to keep the Sabbath day holy. The Catholic Church teaches that this means first and foremost going to Mass if possible. Another characteristic of keeping the Sabbath day holy involves resting from work.   So if you’re in school, is it okay to do homework on Sundays? The Catechism …

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Threats to Marriage

Marriage today faces a number of threats. Divorce, redefinition, and infidelity undermine the status and special importance of marriage in a society. Divorce Divorce threatens marriage by destroying the permanency of marriage. Marriage, as defined by the Catholic Church, is a life-long union of a man and women through the sacrament of matrimony. Divorce undermines …

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Google Filters Porn out of Internet Searches

Recently Google updated its algorithm to remove pornographic images in search results for non-pornographic searches according to a recent report. Google tweaked its search algorithm overnight, effectively making it much harder to stumble upon pornographic images. The company says this will minimize the likelihood that a random search for, say, bicycling, would return sexually …

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The Original Sin

Original Sin is the sin inherited by all humankind from Adam in his disobedience of God’s command not to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The Original Sin event is referred to as “The Fall of Man.”

Mortal Sins

Mortal sins are sins of serious or grave matter. “Mortal” means death; they are sins that cause death to the soul. Mortal sins completely sever one’s relationship with God and the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (commonly called Confession) is necessary to restore this relationship. Venial sins, on the other hand, are less serious sins. …

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Venial Sins

Venial sins are less serious sins that do not cause death to the soul like mortal sins. Venial sins, while less serious in content or participation should be given strong attention because they lessen the love of God in the heart and weaken the power to resist further sin; they are still offenses against God …

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