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[quote:1m7xlihq]Most people don’t know what they claim holds to be true[/quote:1m7xlihq]

Good thing I don’t claim to be infallible, or have all the answers, while turning people away from Christ by yelling at them, and puffing myself up with pride, just a simple steward of the Lord here, passing on what has been taught since Jesus founded the Church on Peter in 33 AD…. Thanks for pointing out a line that is obtuse.

[quote:1m7xlihq]It should read…[/quote:1m7xlihq]

Most people claim to hold to a creed, and don’t know what that creed holds to be true.

[quote:1m7xlihq]I’ll add to the posting, [/quote:1m7xlihq]

It is one thing to simplify the message of Christ so that it can be understood in a manner that does not require a theology degree, quite another to ignore most of the message, elimiating that which we find distasteful, and give a distorted dishonest message of Christ’s love turning it into a legalistic rendition of the 16-18th Century Protestant story of how Jesus lied and left the world abandoned until they unlocked the key to salvation through Private Interpretation and modification of the Bible.

As for me I’ll stick with the Jesus we know from history, and the unchanging teachings handed down from Him to the Apostles in turn to their successors, and held today by the same Church, (Catholic Church). For we all know that the devil knows and can quote scripture to his own evil devices. We know the devil is fully aware of who Jesus was, and would rather the multiple false teachings about Jesus that Protestant theologians are constantly formulating be presented rather than the Authentic Jesus, who’s message has not changed over two millenia, and remains intact in the teachings He gave to the Catholic Church to guard and disseminate.