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What is amazing is your lack of care in reading and comprehending what is presented.

What Weather quoted above is from ReligiousTolerance.org, a third-party website that does not always get its facts straight. A brief glance at its sources reveals Encarta, two particular questions in the Summa Theologica, two personal websites, and an article by a priest. Of these six sources, only 2 have working links.

Notice the glaring omission of any citation from the Bible, Catechism, Church Councils, papal encyclicals, or any other official source of Catholic teaching.

[quote:tp9x1gdu]Why is it that your church thinks you can pray someone out of Purgatory yet you deny Jesus, who is God, the ability to clean us by His shed blood?[/quote:tp9x1gdu]
I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again. Ron, purgatory is an application of the merits of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. At least twice now you have been told this and ignored it.

[quote:tp9x1gdu]Also there is the question of how can fire cleanse anyone[/quote:tp9x1gdu]
Purgatory is not a literal fire. Fire is a metaphor used to explain the cleansing because the audience would be familiar with the use of fire to purge impurities from precious metals. I know for a fact that I have pointed this out to you just a month ago on these boards. You are deliberately ignoring it because it does not fit with your plan of attack on purgatory.

So far you have objected to purgatory as obsoleting Christ’s sacrifice and of cleansing souls by fire. Yet when one looks at the actual teaching of purgatory, one finds neither objection holds water. Ron, you have yet to show the most basic understanding of any Catholic belief. Every time you have issued an objection, you have been shown to hold a misconception of what Catholicism teaches.