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You wrote:
You blog in no way refutes what I have stated. In fact your believes are heretical concerning the nature of Christ:

Monophysitism: Monophysite comes from the Greek words for “one body.” This heresy says that Jesus Christ was a joining of the eternal Logos with the human person Jesus, which occurred at incarnation. He therefore is two separate natures joined in one body. Monophysitism is very much alive in several present-day Egyptian and Middle Eastern sects of Christianity. [/b:1qorfo4a]

Jesus is 100 %human and 100 %God – What is wrong about this that you see I don’t! You also wrote:

[b:1qorfo4a]So as such your belief concerning Mary’s role in Christ’s life is wrong and I would encourage you to look hard at these issues. Further full quote of these Scriptures are necessary for full understanding[/b:1qorfo4a]

Anything in Particular about Mary that you think I was wrong in? Please elaborate further…. Furthermore you wrote that this Scripture verse below only applied to the Resurrection passage? Why? It fits elsewhere as well!

[b:1qorfo4a]Jesus to the Pharasees – You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God[/b:1qorfo4a]

In regard to the following that you wrote “
[b:1qorfo4a]I know this will seem as a attack on you but it is not. Remove your emotion, you pride, and seek with a pure heart and you will see this so. You have heretical believes based on a house of cards interpretation of scripture. I pray you can find truth[/b:1qorfo4a]

You are entirely welcomed to your opinion, but I think you are the mislead one here, no offense taken, I just hope you do as you suggested for me to do.

Jon, You wrote:

[b:1qorfo4a]Have you read the book yourself?[/b:1qorfo4a]

I can’t say that I have or haven’t read it but I am well aware of his ideas and I have met him and I do admire his work as well as agree with it.

[b:1qorfo4a]We do not put the Catechism on the same level as the Bible. It is not a holy book. It explains Catholic doctrine in a systematic and condensed form. It was written primarily for Catholic bishops to be able to help explain the faith. [/b:1qorfo4a]

You are the first one that told me this, although I see the opposite is more truthful, that most Catholics take the Catechism to be at least as good as the Bible.
You are correct, the Bible is God’s word to us not the Catholic Church’s word to us. However, it was Catholic bishops in 394 A.D. and 403 A.D. under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that finalized what books comprised the Bible (called the canon). Later, during the Reformation, Martin Luther removed books that Christians had accepted as holy for nearly 14 centuries prior. Any non-Catholic Bible is actually missing parts and is therefore incomplete. [/b:1qorfo4a]
I do believe the truth is quite different, as the Catholics “canonized” the apocrafil (sp?) books in response to the reformers stance taken against the Catholic Church – Although I don’t know how to prove this at this point – History can be quite decptive

As for your reference to Rev. 22:18-19 there is something to keep in mind. Revelation was written before 200 A.D. – a couple hundred years before the Bible was compiled. The author, John, most likely originally intended for that to apply to his book Revelation and not some compilation that was to be made in a few hundred years. Regardless, I agree that nothing should be added to God’s Word.[/b:1qorfo4a]

You agree but your buddies still use the Catechism as a source to define unbiblical practices. Revelation is meant to be read and not to take it as symbolic as the Left Behind Books attempt to show. It is a future prophetic period that we are soon approaching today.

Fred (again)
you wrote:

[b:1qorfo4a]Are you a former Catholic?[/b:1qorfo4a]

Yes I was a firm believer, having raised my family to be Catholic for 40+ years until I took a look at Scriptures for the truth – My marraige of 27 years ended because I left the Catholic Church – I am now remarried and my children are no longer Catholic either – and I thank God for that too!
You also wrote:

Why is this? Usually one does this out of personal experience with what it is they decide to challenge. Or it’s done out of fear to rebut an authority that threatens a personal belief. So I’m curious as to why you choose Catholics, specifically the Roman Catholics, and not Orthodox, or Methodists, or Adventists, or even Jews?

I would think that you would reply to my statements more then just look at my blog? I seek truth and knowledge always, and all I have seen and heard from you are mis-quotes of the Bible and of persons on this board, prideful and boastful remarks to us, out of context replies from the Bible to fit your views of truth, and and a failing to show any true charity in your “dedicated” life’s work to correct our failings in belief. So tell me what is your real purpose for being here on this board; are you here to interact and be of an open mind or is it closed to what could be truth? A truthful person is open and speaks without anger always willing to teach as well as be taught. [/b:1qorfo4a]

I choose Catholicism because the need is there as I realize the danger of 1 Billion Catholics that might be going to Hell. The rest of your postiing is
simply your uneducate opinion and does nothing but waste time. please be speciific if you think I misquoted somthing, but don’t bother just telling me that as I see you to be the mislead one and I can defend my beliefs with the Bible very well.

Thank You