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Jon [b:1var87tk]
You wrote:[/b:1var87tk]
Dude, you’re kind of a jerk. If you’re looking to evangelize people this is not a very good approach. God didn’t say to go share the Gospel and be a jerk about it.

Side note, Fred didn’t write that post, I did.

Another side note: please learn to use the “quote” feature as it’ll make reading your posts much easier. Thanks.[/quote:1var87tk]
[b:1var87tk]Sorry that you feel So offended Jon, perhaps I did come across as a jerk, but don’t let that stop you either. What I wrote will upset most regardless of how nice I tell them about Catholicism- no one likes to find out that they’ve been deceived – will you at least read my articles and think about this PLEASE? [/b:1var87tk]