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Ok well this is what we think. (My Girlfriend included) When we started this relationship it had been a while since any other, my last relationship was a middle school mistake… middleschool was way to early to even think about it, even through highschool I didnt have a relationship. Here I am in my last month of Grade 12 and now we are getting involved. I felt no pressure at all to go into this. We met eachother on the military base, and just started to hang out. After a couple weeks I asked her if she would go to my grad banquet with me. She agreed. We got to talking and we both agreed that it felt right to be together. We started dating. We both agree the relationship is about God and eachother, we arent doing this for show, attention, approval from friends, and we discussed school as being a priority for her. (as she is still in grade 11) I dont know, I think that we have both approached this from the right direction, and I think its heading places, Im already thinking about asking her to marry me in about a year and half. Thats how much I like to be with her.

Now perhaps relationships arent for everyone in highschool, and perhaps they are for some. My mother was engaged at 16 and married at 17!!! to my dad who is still with her today. Thats awesome! And if thats not a highschool relationship I dont know what is. But id hate to think if she didnt date him in highschool where or if I’d be. I believe that when it comes to relationships they are deemed as right or wrong by the direction approached, the reasons behind it, and the direction its headed. 2 people who love God, and love eachother, although perhaps younger, if they approach the relationship with wisdom, with councell from parrents ect, I believe that it has a good chance with working out.

The relationships that hurt are the ones that are forced, the ones that are started because of selfish wants, or when your not listenin to God concerning your relationship. An example for relationships is a flame. In order for there to be a flame, there has to be oxygen, fuel, and heat. In a relationship if you take out a key component… ie God, or you tamper with one of the elements, you can put the flame out. But as long as everything is set the way its supposed to, God will fuel your relationship if it is pleasing in his eyes. If you have approached the relationship with the right intentions and you have listened to the wise councell of others and if most importantly your honest with yourself. I believe firmly that God will honor that and you will be happy….

Sorry for the book post i just feel really passionate about all this…