Book Review: A Dead Man’s Odyssey: A Paranormal Journey into the Nether World

Imagine you’ve just died, but you didn’t quite know it. You try to move on with your daily business, but your curiosity is piqued by finding yourself in a familiar yet very different place. Eventually you discover you are in purgatory and now you must figure out how to get out.

This is the setting in which A Dead Man’s Odyssey: A Paranormal Journey into the Nether World takes place.

The author, George T. Horvat, has written a real page turner in which the reader becomes strongly connected to the main character, George. It’s easy to connect with him because you feel like you are connecting with the author himself. Horvat makes the book feel personal, as though you are living right along with George in the story. George shares intimate details of his life which further makes him seem very relatable.

The book also presents some interesting food for thought regarding the afterlife. What will purgatory be like? Horvat’s depiction of purgatory is an interesting one. Everyone is in their own purgatory, taken back to what resembles a physical place from some point in their own life. The amount of sin needing to be purged is measured by the length of one’s shadow. As time passes, one’s shadow grows shorter. Physical bodies are restored to a state of perfect health yet one cannot remember the good times in life, left only to dwell on the bad.

There are shortcuts to getting out of purgatory. People are allowed to interact with each other, but they cannot touch other or else they will have to start over their time in purgatory, unless they already know each other, then by touching you can reduce the other person’s time in purgatory or send them to heaven depending on whose shadow is shorter. There are the Vacant Ones whom one cannot touch at all without being sent back to the beginning of their time in purgatory. There are many twists and turns in the story always leaving the reader wanting more which Horvat delivers.

At first I was skeptical about the book. I’ve never read religious fiction before thinking it would be hokey, but I decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did. Consistently review after review about this book remarks how the reader could not put down the book. My sentiment is the same: I could not bear to put it down. Page after page I just wanted to find out what was next.

I appreciated how this book stimulated me to think about the afterlife and what it will be like. Even if you do not believe in purgatory the book makes you think about your own beliefs regarding this teaching. This book is a real gem and I look forward to more books from George T. Horvat.

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