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Catholics Claim They Eat Jesus!

Those Catholics are at it again – they say that at mass they are actually eating the body and blood of Jesus Christ, citing passages from the Bible such as John 6:52 and Luke 24:2.

Their belief is that at the mass the bread and the wine that are on the altar are transformed into the body (bread) and blood (wine) of Christ but yet remain under the appearance of bread and wine. This is clearly not a phenomenon found just anywhere.

“At the Last Supper, Jesus transformed the bread and wine into his body and blood and gave it to the Apostles to eat,” says Fr. Richard Allen, pastor of St. Joseph’s. “He then told the Apostles to continue doing as he did when he said, ‘do this in remembrance of me.’ By the nature of my ordination I am a representative of Christ.

“At the altar during mass the Last Supper is re-presented. It’s more of an ongoing thing. Some like to say that the sacrifice of Jesus was a one time event, but it something everlasting for all people over many centuries to experience. At mass we are not re-sacrificing anything. It is that sacrifice being presented again.”

Catholicism teaches that the Eucharist, also known as communion, is a special way in which all the believers that take communion are connected to God through Jesus and connected to each other giving meaning to the phrase “brothers and sisters in Christ.”

“When I encounter Jesus at the mass I know that he loves me so much that he died and gave us his body to share in his death to sin and resurrection to eternal life with God the Father,” says Cindy Wallace a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish.

“I also know that I am connected to the people around me in the congregation. It’s another way that keeps me in touch with my faith community just like baptism.”

4 thoughts on “Catholics Claim They Eat Jesus!”

  1. joseph rukeijakare

    for all those who oppose transubstantiaon please read the bible in greek and get the words esthio and trogon and relate them to john gospel chapte 6 and 1corinthians chapter 11 and dont remain blind

  2. joseph rukeijakare

    thanks be to go that for me am hundred percent sure that jesus is real body and blood when i read the bible and about the miracles of the eucharist both authentic and none

  3. I wish not to complicate my life by saying that I am going to hate God. I am a somewhat scientific person and I have been led into believing that, the ‘God’ invented this realm. I do not ever try to confuse myself over religion. The Catholic church to me is quite substantial to calm my day and set my mind at rest in this hectic modern world/life. I therefore challenge all humans to just simply be cool and look after the earth and avoid being arrogant! Look after your religion as you would your own children and not run senseless for selfish endeavours. May God keep you safe at night while you dream of better tomorrows. With love from…..

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