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A List of Saints for Healing

In times of physical and emotional distress, many people turn to prayer for strength and guidance. As Catholics, we believe in the power of intercession, and we believe that Saints are our allies in heaven who can intercede on our behalf to God. There are many patron saints for healing who have been known to work miracles and offer comfort to those who are suffering. From emotional healing to physical ailments, these patron saints have become beloved figures in the Catholic Church for their spiritual guidance and support during times of illness.

We created a list of Saints that you can turn to and ask for their intercession for healing during moments of need. We will also include novenas that you can pray for your intercessions.

Diabetes – St. Josemaría Escrivá

St. Josemaría Escrivá found Opus Dei, an institution within the Catholic Church known for its emphasis on helping people follow God through personal spiritual discipline, including daily prayer, Bible study, and self-reflection. It also places a strong emphasis on community, with members gathering together for prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth. St. Josemaría Escrivá taught about the love of God, the importance of the sacraments, and the need to sanctify work and family life. The patron saint of diabetics, St. Josemaría Escrivá also suffered from diabetes.

St. Josemaría Escrivá Novena

Cancer – St. Peregrine

St. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients, known for his holiness and for being miraculously healed from a cancerous growth on his leg. His healing is attributed to a vision of Christ coming down from the cross to touch his leg the night before his scheduled amputation.

St. Peregrine Novena

Addiction – St. Maximillian Kobe

St. Maximillian Kobe was a Polish priest who was canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church. He is the patron saint of addictions and those in prison and is known for his selfless act of sacrificing his life in order to spare the life of another prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

St. Maximillian Kobe Novena

Throat Illness- St. Blaise

St. Blaise is the patron saint of throat ailments and is celebrated on February 3rd. He was a physician in the 4th century who was martyred by the Roman Emperor Licinius. He was known for his healing power, particularly his ability to heal those with throat ailments. He is often depicted with two crossed candles, which is used by priests to bless throats on his feast day.

St. Blaise Novena

Mental Illness- St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna is a Catholic saint who is believed to have lived in the 7th century. She is venerated as the patron saint of those suffering from mental illness, neurological disorders, and emotional distress.

St. Dymphna Novena

Headaches – St. Teresa of Avila

The patron saint for headaches is St. Teresa of Avila. She is also the patron saint for bodily ills, sick people, and those in need of grace. St. Teresa of Avila suffered from frequent and severe headaches throughout her life and is believed to have offered her suffering up to God as a form of prayer and penance. Her writings on prayer and contemplation continue to be widely read and studied by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. She was canonized as a saint in 1622 and her feast day is celebrated on October 15th.

St. Teresa of Avila Novena

Heart Disease – St. John of God

The patron saint of heart disease is St. John of God. In addition to being the patron saint of hospitals, nurses, and the sick, St. John of God is also considered a protector against heart disease. He is known for his compassionate care of the sick and his deep devotion to Christ. St. John of God’s feast day is celebrated on March 8th.

St. John of God Novena

Saints for Healing

We hope that this list of saints for healing has provided you with an array of spiritual resources to turn to when in need. Whether you are seeking physical healing, emotional healing, or spiritual guidance, the saints can provide you with the help and support you need. We hope that this list has been a useful tool for your prayer life in your journey to healing!

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