Prayers of the Catholic Church, prayer resources, and reflections.

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Praying the Rosary

The rosary is a common, Catholic form of prayer that requires much meditation.Though often thought to be devoted entirely to Mary, the rosary is actuallya meditation on the life of Jesus through the eyes of his loving mother, Mary. The entire rosary is a prayer of Jesus’s life.It is another type of devotional where the

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Morning Offering

Catholics say that the the Morning Offering is a great prayer to start each day. Ever wonder why? Where did the the Morning Offering prayer come from and why is it such a popular prayer? Let’s discuss! Who Wrote the Morning Offering Prayer? The Morning Offering is a prayer was written by Fr. François-Xavier Gautrelet

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The Angelus Mother Mary

The Angelus Prayer

In the rush of modern life, finding moments for prayer and spiritual connection can feel like a luxury. Yet, within the age-old tradition of the Catholic Church, there exists a timeless practice that invites believers to pause, reflect, and connect with the divine every 6 a.m., 12nn, and 6 p.m. The Angelus prayer, steeped in

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Glory Be

The Origins of the Glory Be Prayer The “Glory Be,” also known as the “Doxology,” is a short but profound prayer that is recited by believers in various denominations, including Catholicism and Protestantism. The prayer is a simple expression of praise and glorification of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is typically recited

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Hail Mary

Origin of the Hail Mary Prayer The “Hail Mary” is a venerable Catholic prayer that holds a special place in the hearts of millions of believers around the world. It consists of two main parts. The first part draws directly from the Gospel of Luke (1:28, 42) and consists of the angel Gabriel’s salutation to

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Our Father

The Origin of the Our Father The “Our Father,” also known as the “Lord’s Prayer,” is one of the most fundamental and widely recited prayers in Christianity. It holds a central place in Christian worship, and its origins can be traced back to the New Testament, specifically in the Gospel of Matthew (6:9-13) and the

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