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All information on About Catholics is absolutely free for personal use under the following guidelines. About Catholics is a non-profit organization legally covered by the copyright laws of the United States of America and reserves the right to the following guidelines for our material:

Printing Articles

Individuals may print the articles contained in this site and may copy them for personal use. The content of this site may not be sold nor reprinted in any manner anywhere else without express written consent of About Catholics.


Individuals may make brief quotations from the articles on About Catholics, provided that they stay within the copyright laws as explained above. When quoting please cite in the following format:

Author Name, “Title of Article”., About Catholics © 2001-2014
link to article.

For example:

About Catholics, “The Origin of the Papacy”., About Catholics © 2001-2014


An Individual is welcome to place a link to any About Catholics page on any site that is not deemed obscene by About Catholics.

Downloading and Uploading

This falls under all of the previous categories and under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Under any circumstance no one is ever allowed to reprint any of the information contained on the About Catholics website for any purpose that can be taken as plagarism, theft, etc. The only exception is if it being used on temporary venues such as e-mail, bulletin boards or discussion lists that involve personal use.

About Catholics reserves the right to determine what is considered fair use.

If anyone is caught attempting to make a profit from or plagiarizing the copyrighted material on About Catholics that person(s) will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. (It’s already been done so please do not jeopardize your integrity).

If you are unsure if your intended use for the articles falls into any of these categories please click here.

For more information about copyright laws in the United States of America please visit this page.

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