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    The Cub

    [b:e1i4n50u]Winter of 2007-08: Winds, Rain, Tornadoes & Record Snow[/b:e1i4n50u]
    Realization of certain prophecies via John Leary [/b:e1i4n50u]regarding wind, floods and record snow during the winter of 2007-08.





    As these things happen in cycles, and they are not at all unprecidented, I see nothing mystical in John Leary being correct in his prognostications from time to time. A review of his predictions in the past finds him to be in error more than correct. The same scheme as used by Penticostal Protestants. Ignore the incorrect predictions and hype the once in a blue moon good guess. A broken clock is correct twice a day after all.

    An examination of Leary and his “prophecies” can be found on these web pages.



    I frequent a local Protestant book store where Catholic books get put into the dollar bin. I just picked up [u:3hvuhe2f][i:3hvuhe2f]A Still Small Voice: A Practical Guide on Reported Revelations [/i:3hvuhe2f][/u:3hvuhe2f]by Fr. Benedict Groeschel,

    [i:3hvuhe2f]A description of him and the book from the back cover reads in part.[/i:3hvuhe2f] The highly respected author, psychologist, spiritual director and leader of renewal in the religious life, has written a brief but comprehensive practical guide for all those interested in private revelations, the reports of visions and other extraordinary religious phenomena that are so widespread in these times. Because of the intense interest in extraordinary religious experience that ranges from Medjugorje to the New Age, Groeschel’s book is an urgently needed resource that gives practical norms to everyone on how to evaluate these claims. Drawing on spiritual classics and Church documents not readily available, he summarizes the Church’s perennial wisdom on this topic.

    From the first three chapters which I read while eating lunch today, I am quite impressed, and would suggest anyone who can find a copy get one. Thus far it is one of a handful of books I’d be willing to pay cover price for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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