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    since this is an immigrant country, we all come from different places (unless youre native american)
    so i wanna know where you guys are from! :]

    ill start

    I am an Armenian (Armenia) and i am proud to say Armenia was the FIRST country in the world to accept Christianity as a national religion


    My father’s side of the family are Sephardim, (Spanish Jews) and my mother’s side are Irish and French. Her Father was an Irishman, who was raised a Protestant, and converted to the Catholic Faith. Her mother was a French Jew, who escaped the Nazis.

    I live in a community that has quite a few Armenians. I sometimes assist at the Armenian Liturgy at one of the two local Armenian Rite Catholic Churches here in Los Angeles. For Easter I attended the Liturgy in the Melkite Catholic Rite. Since you asked about the Orthodox vs Catholic. There are Catholics who have the same rituals as the Orthodox but are in communion with the Pope.


    I’m a mix of all sorts of things. Italian, German, Croatian, Scottish, and some other stuff I can’t remember. I’m at least a 4th generation American so I don’t give much attention to my ancestral roots.


    hello <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    i am not american, i am south african. i am spun from Zulu, Italian, German, Scottish, Javanese and Mauritian.

    and for the past 3 years i have lived and am still living china.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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