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    Ok, I noticed on all these non-Catholic “Christian” websites they get all excited (I mean that negatively) about how the pope somewhat supports evolution. What the heck is so wrong with the concept of evolution?

    Evolution in no way denies God’s authorship of the universe. Some evolutionary theorists say that evolution is just a random chance at random events happening and that no greater being (God) is involved. However, if you strip it down to its core you will see that evolution is not incompatible with creationism.

    Evolution merely means that humans as well as other creatures on earth evolved from other species over a period of a long time. I see nothing wrong with this because God is the one that created these other species in the first place which eventually led to our existence [b:1kh19acz]and[/b:1kh19acz] he breathed his spirit into us, not the fish! [b:1kh19acz]We[/b:1kh19acz] are in his image.

    I don’t see what is so wrong with evolution as seen in this way. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />


    Were these non-Catholic “Christians” Bible literalists? If so they would argue everything was created in exactly 7 days and not a minute more.

    I agree that evolution and creationism could be compatible. Maybe the whole 7-day creation was symbolic for 7 thousand or millions of years. :!:


    Well, often times they are Bible literalists, but from my point of view it is usually very conservative people, Catholic or not. Mostly non-Catholics, but there are some Catholic nonetheless.

    There seems to be this idea that science is competing with God and it really isn’t. A good Christian definition would be that science is the discovery of God’s creation.

    Sometimes scientists use science to show there is no God, but in reality pretty much all of science that explains how things work still support that there is a God – in my opinion.


    I agree that science and religion do not really compete with each other. It is only when and how that new scientific knowledge and technology is used that might go against religion; technology such as test-tube babies and cloning humans, for example.


    I am a scientist. I have found that there are two types of scientists. The first denies God and wonders how anyone can be so stupid. The second prays for the first because they cannot see the forest for the trees.

    Currently, I believe Catholics are free to believe in strict creationism or evolution. The only part of the creation story that we must hold as true is that Adam and Eve were real people.

    I want to share two things from The New Catholic Vision (a study guide they use in our Catholic Basics program at St. Paul the Apostle):

    [b:1427q89u]Do you know why?[/b:1427q89u]

    Disciple: Old Wise One, it puzzles me how a person can be an atheist. How can anyone walk about among the beauties of nature and not come face-to-face with God?

    Wise One: Dear disciple, for the same reason that a thief can walk about among the streets of a city and never come face-to-face with a police officer. Do you know why that is?

    [u:1427q89u]”The Dancer” by Anthony de Mello[/u:1427q89u]

    God is the Dancer.
    His Creation is the Dance.
    The dance is different from the dancer,
    and yet
    it has no existence apart from Him. . . .
    The moment the dancer stops,
    the dance ceases to exist. . . .
    Be silent and look at the Dance.
    Just look:
    a star, a flower, a fading leaf. . . .
    And hopefully
    it won’t be long before you see. . . .
    the Dancer Himself.

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