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    Sorry that I started posting on this forum without taking the time to introduce myself.
    My real name is Carlos and I’m from Texas… and NO!! I am NOT a Cowboy fan. Aggie and Spurs are my teams…..

    I’m Catholic (as you can tell) and loyal to the Pope and magisterium. I teach 8th grade CCD and am currently teaching them concerning the Eucharist and spending as much time as necessary. The presence of Jesus in the Eucharist was taught to me as a child and took deep roots and that’s what kept me from becoming a Protestant. I went to other churches at a certain point in my life but I felt an emptiness amid all the hoopla, hand waving, lively “hallelujah” talks and rock music and realized what was missing was the Eucharist. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the Protestant churches can replace my Lord in the Eucharist. The homily can be boring, the music lousy, babies crying, people holding hands during the Our Father and raising their arms (neither of which I do) but when it comes to the Consecration and going up to receive my Lord, it is just heaven on earth. One of our priest in the parish was assigned head pastor had being ordained only 3 months before and he is very traditional. We have incense at the 11 am Mass, organ music at ALL masses, altar boys (all very reverent during Mass)with traditional surplice and cassocks and a great choir that sings many parts of the Mass in Latin. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!!


    Andres Ortiz




    Bienvenidos Carlos

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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