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    Keep this one handy! This is the only novena which is sanctioned by the Church proper, the Novena to the Holy Spirit, that requests the sanctity and enrichment of Christ’s promised Comforter, just as the Virgin Mary and the Apostles did of old. I humbly ask that you keep me and mine in prayer, as well as praying for the peace of Jerusalem as Christ Himself asked.

    May the Most High lavishly bless all those who minister in prayer. AMEN


    Will do!

    You know, I find it hard to do a novena. It’s like everytime I start one, I can go three days and then I forget to do it.


    I got to five days before I missed a day on my first novena.


    So, if you miss a day do you have to start over?


    Depends on the novena. Our pastor told me to just continue where I left off but to look into it. I was not doing it for an indulgence or anything so it did not matter at the time.


    The church in my hometown prayed a novena every year for the farmers and sometimes for other intentions. (There used to be many many farmers in my home county.) Since we prayed it in daily mass, we did not miss a day, but the only day I did not go to mass was Saturday because we did not have school. So I don’t know if I have ever prayed all nine days of a novena yet. I would really like to though.


    I vividly dreamed my dead dad was taking me to Colorado, only we never made it to our destination by his route. I knew from my dream exactly where this was, and saw on the map that it was where Christ of the Rockies shrine was. So I went, and took another route in real life, one which turned out to be easy for me as I am scared of heights.

    I prayed the Novena to the Holy Spirit all along the way. Blessings to a stranger, Barbara Budreaux, who drove ahead of me through the last tricky part just to help out a pilgrim. And thanks to all who aided me mightily, including the cops who showed up moments after a guy tried to break into a secret side door to my motel room in Lindsborg, Kansas. Otherwise I don’t think I’d be here today.

    It was a long and somewhat harrowing trip, and I’m sure I missed a day, but I just picked up where I left off. Bless all those who intervened in begging my way into the secure private grounds, a Catholic camp for underprivileged kids.

    Two counselors, a young teenage boy and girl, went with me as guides and to pray. I was heartbroken hearing their stories of the broken kids they helped rehabilitate. I think they were, too. So we prayed sincerely when we got to the top of the mountain where this magnificent statue is sited southwest of Denver.

    We prayed for all the kids of the Denver area in need of help. This was the summer before Columbine, and I feel sure that this pilgrimage and our prayers helped to get that priest there within one minute of the police being notified. There were other miracles, like the propane tank bombs not being ignited, and especially that faithful witness to Christ to the end.

    The Novena to the Holy Spirit was a powerful aid to my pilgrimage, and a rich foundation for our prayers. Build yourself a strong spiritual foundation by digging into this novena, even if it is only to read the text all the way through. Don’t forget the post-Easter indulgence for ending the novena on Pentecost. And don’t worry about skipping a day. Just continue your pilgrimage as I did. I pray that you will see the fruits of your loving prayer for the indwelling of the Comforter.


    Thank you, nordskoven. I appreciate you sharing this prayer and your story with us.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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