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    The US economy has been in intensive care for some time. Today with the passage of ‘The Bailout’, the US government all but pulled the life support of the economy.

    In order to pave the way for a one-world government under the UN, the Freemason Banksters had to remove the 2 superpowers. The former USSR was a net crude producing country. They engineered its demise without firing a shot by running the price of a barrel of crude down below $10. The implosion occurred as planned. That left only one superpower, the USA. As the USA is a net consuming country when it comes to crude, they not only ran the price of a barrel of oil up to over $130, but passed a number of laws to drain its life blood and destroyed its asset-backed securities and credit markets……and more.

    We are seeing the results of their plans in the news today.

    This has been predicted for some time…….and it is being realized before our eyes:

    [b:1anna0rk]The Demise of the US Republic[/b:1anna0rk]



    [b:1anna0rk]The North American Union Just a Staged Crisis Away[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]Video: The North American Union & the Chip[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]Regionalize, Then Consolidate Into World Government[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]USA Prepares For Chaos On Its Soil[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]Tribulation Protection: The Blood of the Lamb[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]To the Refuges on Wings of Eagles[/b:1anna0rk]


    [b:1anna0rk]Home Protection – Food & Water Purification (in the LINKS section)[/b:1anna0rk]


    It is time for all to prepare for that which will soon be upon us……


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