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    I thought when a human dies the soul leaves the body and either goes to heaven,hell or purgatory,what does it mean during mass when priest says a pray which he says [color=red:3745ri89]”in hope of rising again”? [/color:3745ri89]I was always told at the end of time the bodys will rise again and met the souls were ever there at.



    [color=blue:3dcdnqdz]Here is a answer from one of my Catholic friends.[/color:3dcdnqdz]

    this is a complex issue. yes the soul leaves the body, the soul being the “form” of the body: i.e. that what makes us what we are and which gives form to the matter of which we are composed (and remember the “matter” in our bodies is constantly in flux: presumably there isn’t one atom in your body now that was there when you were a child; yet the form is there, providing you with a “nature” and a continuity that you could not have if you were nothing but matter in motion). and yes, the form will be re-united with a glorified body: it will be you but with a mode of existence that we cannot possibly imagine. now remember that we are also talking about things that take place outside of time as we know time, so it is possible that we get a glorified body (assuming that we don’t go to hell, where we will also have a body but not a glo ried one, a hideous one rather) immediately after our death in this space time continuum. people who have had “out of body” or “near death” experiences tend to support this notion inasmuch as they have a sense of being in some kind of body(as well as in a state of being which they find impossible to describe to us). anyway, what we might think of as a million yrs is “now” on the other side. this of course is a very inadequate treatment of an extremely complex philosophical and theological matter. and perhaps the bottom line is that we simply don’t know when we will “rise” again: it may be at the end of earthly time or it may be immediately after death. we’ll find out when we get to the other side: until then, well, as i said, there are some mind numbing questions involved.



    You will recall in the Sacred Scriptures that after He rose from the dead our Lord was able to appear before the Apostles without opening the door to the upper room. He was able to transcend the material world. In order to prove that he was not just a ghost or in the imagination of the Apostles, Thomas who did not see Him at the first visit to the Upper Room after that first Easter Sunday, placed his fingers in our Lord’s side and hands. He found our Lord to not be a ghost or spirit, but rather flesh and blood.

    Like our Lord we too hope for the ressurection of our bodies, and their glorification. At that time we will be able to give full glory to God as we where ment to before the fall in the garden. The reunion of our bodies and souls in the same manner as our Lord which He prefigured for us, and as we know happened to our Lady by the power of God at the end of her life on this earth is something we all hope for. For those who have died before us, we pray that they too will join the elect in heaven, body and soul, giving unending praise and glory to the Blessed Trinity.

    A more detailed description can be found here…..

    The Online Catholic Encyclopedia is a great source of information, (While I have the set on my bookshelf, it is sometimes faster to look up the information online.)

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