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    How does one tell a short story? I was baptized, raised and schooled Catholic. I won’t say I’ve dealt with difficult issues over the past 3 years, but I have somewhat survived. I envy those with Faith and Trust, and I’m sure if I had those, I wouldn’t be here. I can’t merely read the Bible and think that everything will be just fine. However, I do believe that the Bible was created in attempt to make mankind ‘behave’. I apologize to those whom I appear cynicle, but anyone willing to exchange thoughts or refer me to other sites, it would be greatly appreciated….my thanks



    Ahnee Welcome <img src=” title=”Cool” /> ! You did share a short story, but alot of feelings seem to be packed into it. I hope my ‘long’ entries don’t turn you off- but the forum hasn’t kicked me out yet!

    Stick around and you are sure to get alot of suggestions and PLEASE share some of you own <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

    You sound like you are questioning stuff- theres nothing wrong with that, especially if it leads you to have dialogue with your Heavenly Father. I do caution though pray alot that you hear His answers. So often I find myself like a kid who asks the questions but have no plans to even listen to the answers. ( but that is just me).

    I like the acronym B.I.B.L.E.=Basic, Instructions, Before, Leaving, Earth.

    Ahnee thats all for now. Welcome to the forum!

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    You’re absolutley correct in saying I’m questioning things. I’m doing so, at least I think, not to upset those with strength in their beliefs, but for them to hopefully share with me how they got there. If ever I ask a question, it’s not to challenge those comfortable with their beliefs and decisions. but moreso to ‘get in on it’, lol….know what I mean?? My health has been poor lately to say the least. I have a very hard time with life after death. My son 16 and my daughter 13 attend a Catholic school as I’m hoping they ‘get it’. I say this out of envy and hope. I have difficulty with my failing beliefs, so to not share my current block, we rarely rarely discuss religion or attend Mass.



    Thanks for sharing Ahnee. About health, I am so thankful when mine is good. I have nothing serious but the problems I do have frustrate me every single day. I try to ‘offer it up’ as prayer for others but most of the time its is just arrrrrrrgh!

    It almost sounds like you are watching from the sidelines, not really knowing if you want anything to do with the game. I feel that we are all little lambs of the Shepherd and most of the time we want to strike out our own path and not follow the leader.

    Just a thought Ahnee, you say you aren’t going to mass, why not try to go to church when it is empty, or is there a chapel near you? Sometimes I find so much comfort just sitting in the quiet and comforting presence of God with no one else to bother me.

    Take care.

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