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    I am stealing this idea from CNN.com, but I want to see if the poll results are similar or what other people think.

    [b:2sbsp9zl]Current results on CNN.com:[/b:2sbsp9zl]
    Very much: 20%
    Somewhat: 16%
    Not at all: [b:2sbsp9zl] [color=red:2sbsp9zl]64%[/color:2sbsp9zl][/b:2sbsp9zl]


    I think religion shapes our values, morality and conscience which leads us to choose those candidates that best meet those standards (it should but that’s not always the case). Also, as Catholics, we have an obligation to vote for the candidate that will promote the best for the common good and therefore, our religion [b:3lklhx4k]should[/b:3lklhx4k] have a tremendous impact on our voting.

    My question is how can I vote for the current candidates? On one hand, have Kerry who clearly supports non-negotiable issues for Catholics such as abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and homosexual marriage. And on the other hand, we have Bush who lead America to believe that there were WMD in Iraq though ,there proved to be none, but still claims that it was the right thing to do and would do nothing different making the war possibly unjust!


    Well, why even claim a religion if it doesn’t influence what you do? A religion is essentially a set of beliefs. So most people (according to CNN.com) don’t vote according to their beliefs? What do they vote in accordance with then?


    “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and revered and worshiped the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”

    St Paul’s letter to the Romans chapter 1 verse 25 (could tell I used to be a Protestant huh? <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> )

    People do worship the creature (themselves and humanity) rather than the creator. Therefore, each person decides what is right in their own eyes rather than God’s eyes. I’m not claiming everyone should know the mind of God ( that is impossible). But we can know what is right and wrong from what he’s revealed to us in Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition.


    I have recently come to the conclusion the the devil certainly is alive and active in American politics today. No party meets the needs of a truly Catholic voter. The Replublicans (generally, as a whole-party platform) support capital punishment, have led a pre-emptive war, and are less than sympathetic to the poor. The democrats (again, speaking generally, as a whole-party platform) support abortion rights, and gay marriage.

    While I wish to vote for a candidate who is sympathetic to the needs of the poor at home and abroad and protects and respects human life even after natural birth, I also would like to vote for a candidate who is conservative with regard to family values, and would protect the unborn.

    It seems unlikely that such a candidate could exist in a society so confused as we are. St Michael, protect us!


    I have to agree with ctread-that evil is active in our politics today. We must pray and invoke St. Michael while we are at it. I have heard it said many times that the sure way to let evil take hold is to divide the shepherds.

    Thats the conclusion I came to this weekend: that the Catholic Church is very very divided during this election. Even the places we look to for answers like Catholic Answers and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are divided.

    Ctread makes generalized statements and they seem quite understandable to me. I do disagree however about the Republican Party being unconcerned about the poor. They differ from Democrats on how to handle poverty. I find myself in their camp. You know why? I look at what people do when there are laws and taxes solely for the purpose of the “common good” so to speak—-they don’t work. Take a look at how well folks follow the ten commandments.

    A couple of questions I do have for Catholics who are for Kerry, that includes groups like Pax Christi: Kerry says he will push embryonic stem cell research that will mean first ‘creating’ life then destroying it, Kerry also has stated that one of his first executive orders would be to overturn the ‘Mexico City Policy’ that allows funding of oversees abortions. Pax Christi a group that agrees with him also has UNICEF as one of their partner organizations. UNICEF also funds abortions.I said I have a question, I guess I should get to it. The group that cites the seamless garment message of Cardinal Bernadin saying life is important from conception until death

    why would they need to worry about anything that comes after conception if they don’t protect conception of life from God as close to 100 percent as they are able? P.S. I wish that Cardinal Bernadin and Mother Theresa were here today so they could speak for themselves-instead of being quoted by any party for political gain.

    I will go back to ctreads sentiment—since I believe that Catholics for either candidate are truly looking out for the welfare of humanity and trying to do their best—-we really need to pray. For my part I will attempt an overnite vigil in the Sacred Presence in our cathedral. Spend time in prayer before pulling the election levers.

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