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    I am a very happy Catholic but have met a wonderful lady who has been strongly taken up in the New Covenant belief for some time. I am yet again compelled to defend my faith and make numerous efforts to educate other christians about Catholocism. I always find it amazing how others begin a conversation by discrediting our belief to then allow themselves suffiecient space to gain new followers. How do we compare to the New Covenant belief ? What are these gifts that they go on about ? eg. healing, prophecy (tongues) etc. Some insight please…



    I am not familiar with New Covenant.

    From what you do know, does this sound like an accurate description:

    “New Covenant Theology (NCT) is a movement that seeks to steer a middle road between Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology. The end product, among other things, is the denial of the perpetuity of the Ten Commandments for Christians.”



    Hello and Welcome to AboutCatholics. com

    I am not entirely sure what group you are talking about. Maybe some more information will help. But from reading your post “pentecostals” come to mind. Please advise.

    In Christ


    Hi, it’s me again and I must be specific. It is the New Covenant Ministries. They have their own web site and looked to have been established in the 1980’s. However, they refer to gifts that specifically revolve around healing, prophecy, speak in tongues etc. The ability, as in most charismatic faiths, to bring these into action and visually perform or act them out. I am aware that a play on words and extracting various biblical type definitions may in fact lead back to what we already know it to be. Please clarify…

    in Christ

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