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    [b:devyzv6c]Electronic Concentration Camps Have Arrived[/b:devyzv6c]

    Realization of prophecies of John Leary and Louise Tomkiel as evidenced by certain excerpted news articles discussing: (a) the CIA’s admission that such television sets and other appliances will be used for surveillance purposes, (b ) computer software that has been developed to monitor, assess and “predict” our behavior via remote cameras, (c ) cell phones being used as monitoring devices without being turned on or the owner’s knowledge, (d) the fact that the National Security Agency is building the largest surveillance and database in the world, (e) the technology of using ELF waves to remotely control the minds of targeted individuals (e.g. via digital TVs) exists and has been used publicly, (f) various existing brain manipulating technologies, and (g) the fact that the HAARP machine can be used in mass mind control exercises.



    Time to put on your tin foil hats, everyone!

    BTW, I am moving this to the Everything Else section.


    Thanks for moving it Jon. It’s sad that some people may be frightened away from the authentic teachings and graces that God gives us through the Catholic Church, because people like Cubbie and his prophet publish such paranoid rants even when the Bishop of the Diocese that Mr. Leary and Ms. Tomkiel live has told them to stop publishing their alleged revelations, and after investigation has found multiple contradictions to Catholic Dogma. Sadly I personally know people who have had their faith perverted by the departure from Catholic teachings disseminated by the Leary fan club.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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