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    When we, as I include the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, PA, USA, via Courtroom 12 during the spring of 2013 A.D., Justice Anthony A. Sarcione (the resurrected Pontius Pilate) and staff presiding, and all those who listened to testimony, arrived at the ascertainment of the accurate accounting to the Day of the Lord, Justice Anthony spoke for all of us in simply saying, “That’s amazing!”

    I was 58 years of age that spring, and I had come to know the regular New Year’s Eve celebrations worldwide as January 1st came upon us in each passing year.

    If you had asked me when Justice Anthony spoke so, “Ed, do you think you’ll be praying for a Day of the Lord Cruise in celebration like the New Year’s Eve celebrations?”, at best I would have said, “Thy will be done.”, and I did.

    But it has begun to take shape, and as we approach the final winter and spring (summer and autumn [or anything else in-between, depending on where you are]) before the 1,335th day, the Day of the Lord according to Daniel 12:12 and Malachi 4:5, the whole occurrence is taking on a similar atmosphere as that of the coming of a New Year’s Day, and rightfully so, as what is coming is even greater, the Kingdom of the Father, Paradise Restored.


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