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    My niece is approaching the time when she will be making her confirmation and has asked me to be her sponsor. I have read online that to be a sponsor you should be a practicing catholic. I am now finding myself wondering: am I catholic enough? I was raised catholic and grew up going to catholic school and attending church every sunday. I have found as I have gotten older that while many of my core beliefs still coincide with those of the catholic faith; I don’t agree with all of the teachings of the church. There are some things that the church teaches that I do not agree with and I have found that many other catholics feel the same way. So with this in mind I am wondering if that does not make me a candidate for this very important role in niece’s life. Another difficult aspect of this is that I feel that my niece’s “backups” are not what I would consider great options because she doesn’t really know them. I am wondering if anyone has a thought on weather or not I should be her sponsor. Thanks for your thoughts.



    Since you’ve not disclosed what the Church teaches that you disagree with, it’s hard to say. If you reject major dogmas of the Church or Moral teachings, then I’d suggest you revisit them and see exactly why the Church teaches them, if you still disagree than speak to the priest in your niece’s parish, let him know that you have difficulties with these teachings and see if they would bar you from being her sponsor, and if he can give you the rationale for why the Church teaches them. You are free to discuss them here, however some things may be personal and better delt with in a private rather than public forum such as a board like this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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