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    [quote:rw6exix2]My girlfriend was married in civil court 7 years ago.
    She was young, in a violent marriage and had a child from him but he left
    them when the child was 2 months old and hasn’t been heard from since.
    She never got the divorce paperwork done. I am in the process of getting this done just
    the fees are holding us back. She is also 3 weeks pregnant with my baby. I’ve wanted to marry her
    but have obstacles holding us up.
    Can we get married in the catholic church once the divorce officialy is approved?
    And can we get married in the catholic church after the baby is born?

    Questions about marriage in the Church are some of the most popular ones I receive. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    When you say “I am in the process of getting this done” I take it you are talking about the divorce.

    To answer your question, you will be able to get married in the Catholic Church once the divorce is settled, but to be sure you may want to contact your local priest or bishop to see if your girlfriend needs to get an annulment. I don’t think that marriages in civil courts are recognized as sacramental marriages, but there may be some exceptions. Please check with your local bishop or his office (the chancery or diocese).

    And yes, you can definitely get married in the Church once the baby is born or even while your wife-to-be is pregnant. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> Just check with a priest or the bishop on the regulations in you diocese to see if there are any more hurdles to clear. You should be just fine.

    -Jon Jakoblich

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