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    If we are not saved by our good works, but by God’s grace, then why should anyone try and be moral, kind and just? I mean, if my neighbor says he believes in Christ and is mean, cheats, lies and steals and is just plain immoral, he will still get into heaven, right? What then, is the benefit of trying so hard your entire life to be good? Our neighbor did what ever he wanted to and still made it.

    I have the deepest desire to do my best and be a good person. I don’t want to sin the way I see others sin. But of course, I am a sinner. So why do some people get to do what THEY want and not what GOD wants and get rewarded for it? So I may have to climb Mt. Everestt and struggle to stay on the mountain, while Joe Schmo just snaps his fingers a helicopter takes him to the summit.

    Am I missing something? <img src=” title=”Confused” />


    Andres Ortiz

    How are you defining “get rewarded for it”? What reward are these people getting?



    First of all I never fret over other peoples “rewards” Like neighbor got a new car mine is ten years old.friend lives in a $500,000 house I live in a apartment,God provides for you and he also knows what your burdens are and will never give you more then you can handle.As for the “rewards” you are talking about I assume you mean earthly rewards?There are people I know who seem to have everything(boat,cars,snowmobiles,etc) but if they don’t know God whats the purpose?. :cry: I don’t recall the Bible verse but God says “what good is it to have all the earthly rewards” and not know God.
    Peace be with you and keep the faith


    If he’s lying cheating and stealing, he isn’t being obedient to his faith, and no, he won’t get the reward of Heaven. We DO have to follow God’s laws to be sanctified.

    Not sure if that was what you are talking about…

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