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    [quote:3gsi7gqa]Boston, Dec. 09, 2005 (CNA) – The Archdiocese of Boston is expected to make a decision by early in the New Year on whether Catholic Charities of Boston should facilitate adoptions for same-sex couples.

    Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo Higuera, the papal nuncio, sent Archbishop Sean O’Malley of Boston a letter, urging him to stop his local Catholic Charities office from brokering adoptions unless same-sex couples are excluded, the Boston Herald reported earlier this week.

    When asked about the letter, the archdiocese issued a statement, saying: “The dioceses of Massachusetts are currently reviewing the issue of Catholic Charities having facilitated adoptions for same-sex couples. The bishops expect to receive a recommendation concerning this matter early in the New Year.” A commission, established to study the situation, will make that recommendation.

    To date, only a small percentage of the adoptions coordinated by Catholic Charities are to same-sex couples, and none are being planned now. Catholic Charities officials have defended the practice, citing the need to work within state guidelines that mandate agencies to process adoptions for same-sex couples.

    Catholic Action League of Massachusetts executive director C.J. Doyle has criticized the state for not including a conscience clause in the law, exempting groups such as Catholic Charities from placing children with same-sex couples.[/quote:3gsi7gqa]

    Peace be with all,

    I have to agree with C.J. Doyle. The state can put a clause in to the law as was done with Catholic Hospitals concerning abortions. I cannot see how a State Government can encroach on one and not the other.

    God Bless!



    I agree. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


    I question these so-called guidelines that somehow force same-sex adoptions. Now, understand, I am very ignorant on the topic of adoption law. I was always under the impression that adoption agencies had the descetion to decide who was a fit couple to adopt. I also don’t understand the abortion thing. Are they forced by state law to offer abortions?

    To answer the poll question, my first reaction is I support state’s rights, even in regard to churches. Of course, common sense and courtesy would look at what churches believe and how they operate, and legislate accordingly.

    None of this has any business one way or another on the federal level.

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