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"Papa.Cod":1out6n1t wrote:
HA!!! Theyre nothin but trouble! They dont translate right!!!! MAybe you people need to actually take some classes in classical greek….maybe you can learn a few things about what Paul means by SAVED BY GRACE!!! Modern technology aint got nothing on the old stuff!!!![/quote:1out6n1t]
When I read your posts I can only draw one conclusion – you don’t know what you’re talking about at least 75% of the time and you attempt to make up for that deficiency by spouting off inane (not a typo) things as a way to exert power and keep yourself in a conversation that is above your head. What you don’t realize is that this tactic only serves to further distance other people from you as we can all see you have no real dialogical skills. I challenge you NOT to post smart ass comments impulsively and actually attempt to engage politely in threads here. It’s ok to disagree, but it’s not ok to act like a fool because you disagree or don’t understand.

With that said, I took 4 progressively challenging ancient Greek classes in college as a requirement for my Religious Studies degree. A lexicon isn’t “modern technology” but rather an aid to understand the language (and it’s a book, far from modern). I do not agree that someone would be able to take a lexicon and translate the Scriptures; it’s not as simple as a Spanish-English dictionary. That would take far more training in the Greek language, especially if one has not studied a language with similar syntax such as Latin or German. Even if you know another romance language, it does not mean you know Latin syntax enough to know Greek syntax.