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"passionately_catholic":1dpr5hjn wrote:
hmmm, makes me think,
how did historians get that quote from doctor luther? was it a public sermon or written in a letter?

i hope sir LARobert knows <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/quote:1dpr5hjn]
Don’t know enough of Dr. Luther’s writings to say. However there are any number of statements that are quoted out of context or hobbled together on both sides.

When I was younger, there was a statement credited to Luther that said he wrote, “God’s grace covers us like snow covers a dung hill. When we die, our souls sneak into heaven, and God looks the other way as those mounds of dung sneak in stinking but outwardly covered with snow.”

Well the truth is that Luther did use the anology of our sinful souls being like dung hills, but there is nowhere in his writings that “God looks the other way, as they sneak into heaven.” So many people had quoted the above as if it was true, that many still believe and use the quote even though it seems to have never been written.

There are many Anti-Catholics who have misquoted, used made up quotes, or simply quoted out of context Catholic writers to the point that they accept them as real quotes even though they are bogus.

Both sides have done this, many have done so innocenlty because they really believe that the quotes are authentic, without checking to see if they are really true.