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"Papa.Cod":tyhiuwye wrote:
Huh….its interesting that the more well known protestant groups like lutherans and presbyterians are substantially lower than that of lesser known protestant churches. could it be because theyre more organized?[/quote:tyhiuwye]
Or under reported?


The Presbyterian Church stated that 10-23% of clergy have “inappropriate sexual behavior or contact” with clergy and employees.
The United Methodist research (1990) showed 38.6% of Ministers had sexual contact with church members and that 77% of church workers experienced some type of sexual harassment.
The United Church of Christ found that 48% of the women in the work place have been sexually harassed by male clergy.
The Southern Baptists claim 14.1% of their clergy have sexually abused members.

The point is less a talley, because the real number both among religious denominations, and in secular life may never be known. More importantly all of us are sinners, and this is one major sin that has been going on for centuries. It is more important to me that now that it is in the open, it can be addressed, it would seem that all throughout the world where this has happened it is kept secret, only whispered about, and not addressed. Hopefully the publicity surrounding it will help to reduce the incidents, and weed out men and women who suffer from the sickness from contact with those they would harm.