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Thanks Jon, yup, it is Mayan and not Aztec. Good thing I did not upset anyone who was Tolmec here….. Then all three tribes would be upset with me.

As to the High priest wearing vestments and the priest at Catholic altars wearing vestments. While the priest in front of us is an Alter Christus, and by the virtue of Apostolic Succession and the unbroken line of laying on of hands he is authorized and empowered to offer sacrifice for us. We cannot forget that while he is given a share of Christ’s priesthood, as all baptized people are (not in the sacerdotal sense to non-ordained) but that at every Mass the primary priest as well as the victim is Christ Himself. So while we do see the priest offering the Mass, only a few very holy souls have seen that in actuality, through the hands of the priest, it is Jesus who offers the Mass for us, as the primary priest in every Mass on earth as it is in heaven.