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I’ve studied and discussed non-Catholic sects. I even taught at a non-Catholic College. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church, with all the fallible humans that have been members of it, is the one depostory of the Truths taught by Jesus.

That does not exclude Protestant sects and Orthodox Churches having some of the Truth. However an honest reading of history, which includes the horrible things some Catholics have done in the name of the Church has me convinced of the claims of the Catholic Church. It was when I was a student at Loma Linda University, a Seventh Day Adventist Medical College that I was introduced to some of the objections to the Catholic Church that you’ve been reading in Lutheran literature. I sought out the real story behind the attacks on the Catholic Church, as if everything I was being told about the Catholic Church had been true, it would have been the most evil association in existance. I found through both Catholic and Secular sources that the lies told about the Catholic Church and the way that history had been twisted did not jive with what really happened in history, and from that took instruction and converted to the Catholic Faith. I still check facts, and read Protestant sources to confirm what they really believe and say. But I’ve yet to be convinced that Jesus abandoned the Church He founded, and promised to remain with, even unto the consumation of the earth.