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I was discussing with a friend the phenomena of Fundimentalist Trolls on Catholic chat-rooms and boards. He himself a former Calvinist Minister who converted about ten years ago when he actually read the full texts of Catholic authors quoted out of context by professional Anti-Catholics has become somewhat of an expert at pegging who individual trolls get their misconceptions about the Catholic Church from. He looks at the vocabulary, and the cadence, or metre that the Troll writes in and can tell you who the primary sources of their misinformation are. Even to the point of being able to pin down individuals who claim to be lapsed or former Catholics who have never darkened the door of a Catholic Church. It would seem that for some, the belief that they have a special charism, and an infallible understanding (even if it changes over time) of the Scriptures that far surpasses the limits of infallibility the Catholic Church defines for the Pope and Ecumenical Councils includes being able to lie about having been Catholic in order to try and persuade Catholics (most of all Catholics with a limited understanding of the Revealed Truths passed down from the Apostles to the Church in our day) that the truth has been misrepresented for two thousand years, and only in the last five hundred years, and moreso since they or their sect was invented, (usually in the past one or two hundred years.) has recaptured the truth lost for centuries, even though it contradicts Jesus Himself who told us in the Scriptures, “I will remain with you always, even unto the consumation of the earth.”