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How sad that posting replies and resources to questions that may come up by those who have rejected the Church founded by Jesus is taken as a slight. Even more pitiful that admitting that information I learned in Undergrad and Grad School can be improved on, admitting that there is much more that I can learn is a threat to someone who proposes that only his interpretation is correct.

I know how volitile it must be to someone who claims to have a mastery over the Scriptures, but then again, the Scriptures tell us that the Devil himself can quote Scripture.

My querie to the entire populus here, (so that one individual does not feel singled out) is which manner of using the Scriptures is more in line with what Jesus taught. Following the guidance of the Scriptures as taught through the means He gave us, (after all He told the Apostles, “He who hears you, hears Me.” ) or basing ones interpretation on the proposition that when I read the Scriptures in a vacuum devoid of the wisdom of the Fathers, who learned at the feet of the Apostles, that my own understanding which contradicts the thousands of other private interpretations is the truth. Is Jesus the Father of Confusion or is He one with His Father, and are we all One with Him?