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[quote:206jjz0w]Shouldn’t we also be worried for the rest of our relatives and family members who are not Catholic and for the people who are not familiar with Christ?[/quote:206jjz0w]

If we are living our Faith we do, however more than simply telling them, we should show them by our actions, if by living our Faith we show that it is a living Faith. If we pray for them, and live a life that preaches Christ by our actions, not simply our words.

As for communion, the standard, we believe that the eucharist is what Christ said it is, His body and blood soul and divinity, and by reception of communion you are stating that not only do you believe that, but everything the Catholic Church teaches and has held since the Founding of the Church on Peter by our Lord circa 33 AD. If you can say that you believe all of that, then there should be nothing stopping you from being recieved into the Church and as a member of the Body of Christ, to receive Communnion here.

The fact is the false ecumenical ideas floating around in Catholic and Non-Catholic circles just don’t want to hold to the above. I’ve been on flights where I’ve pulled out my breviary, and started to pray one of the Hours of the Office and had someone ask if it was a Bible, when I told them it was a Catholic prayer book that was composed of 90% Biblical passages, I get a “Well I’m a Methodist/Lutheran/Episcopal etc, and my minister/Pastor tells me that as long as you believe in the Three in One and the One are Three or something like that your a Christian, and We all really believe the same thing.” Most people don’t know what they claim holds to be true. [/code]