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From what I have seen of your rude, and ad hominem postings in review of this site Ronald; the Catholics on this site have bent over backwards to give you a stick to try and beat your egregiously error filled misrepresentaions of both the Catholic Faith, and the Bible. It would seem the little interest taken to your rabid postings comes from Catholics who obey our Lord when we are tells us in the Scriptures, if we are not recieved to shake the dust off our sandles and move on. So I will move on from engaging in arguments with someone who has been obviously blinded by his rage and hate for Christ and His Church, and turn this over to God, and His saints, rather than myself, a sinner still bound to this world.

Continuing to pray that God’s grace is something you will accept and that you may return to full communion with the Church that Christ founded. There will be more joy in heaven, all the angels and saints will rejoice with their creator, God when you finally open return home.

Corde Immaculata Maria, Ora pro nobis peccatores, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae, Amen!