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If Catholics are being anti-Protestant, slap ’em upside the head and tell them they aren’t being very ecumenical <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

In all seriousness… I have never really witnessed distinct anti-Protestantism at my Churches. Obviously, we preach that Protestantism is wrong, but it is a facet of Catholicism that has been emphasized by leaders of the Church in recent years that we must reach out to, not shun, other religions.

Of course, I’d rather shun Tom Cruise, but he is a totally different story. lol

One thing to remember: sometimes, *people* are simply condescending. What you percieve as looking down on your Lutheranism might simply be normal, everyday arrogance. Goodness knows I sometimes get impatience with those who possess brains which are… uh… how can I put this…

Uh, never mind. Before I go off screwing humility yet again. heh

One final note: in my own discussions with Protestants, they always stay civil until the Protestant decides to get belligerent. Then I turn the argument switch on, mow him down, and move on. But I don’t get argumentative until they do. Point being, as long as you are charitable, most likely they will be also.