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I don’t need a reason to believe that the Bible is the authority over any Koran or other Book – it has no errors – and needs no explaination that you would believe -[/quote:31gcdmyn]

YOU say it has no errors. IT doesn’t even say it has no errors. Matthew’s gospel never makes such a claim, for example.

[quote:31gcdmyn]in other words whether you believe it or not changes nothing about the truthfulness of Scriptures-[/quote:31gcdmyn]

That’s like me saying “whether you believe it or not, the Church is infallible”. It might be TRUE, but it isn’t an argument. It is just another empty tautological fallacy.

[quote:31gcdmyn]It simply is God’s word and that is good enough for me[/quote:31gcdmyn]

Which you only believe because you were born in an area where Christianity is strong. Had you been born in the Middle East, you would have believed in the Koran, and, if someone had tried to push the Bible onto you, you would say “the Koran is the Word of God and that is good enough for me”. Your reasoning is useless.

[quote:31gcdmyn]Whereas what book has a god that died and rose up again like the Bible?[/quote:31gcdmyn]

I’m sure there are plenty, but if it bothers you, I’ll write one. Will you then believe that book also? And besides, that only happens in four books–the Gospels. Why do you trust in those particular gospels (there are other stories of Christ’s mission) and why do you believe that the many letters and epistles are inspired, and how have you decided which ones are inspired?

[quote:31gcdmyn]or does the miracles as Jesus does?[/quote:31gcdmyn]

I can give you plenty of books where people do miracles. And besides, this doesn’t mean anything. A book can faithfully relate Jesus’ miracles
[i:31gcdmyn]without being inspired[/i:31gcdmyn]. His miracles in a book do not said book inspired.

[quote:31gcdmyn]Or the 100% accuracy of His prophecies? [/quote:31gcdmyn]

Which prophecies? Plenty of people believe Nostradomus (wow, I reall butchered that spelling… heh) told a bunch of valid prophecies. Does that make him inspired?

[quote:31gcdmyn]None of them That is how I know it to be the Authority by what it say being 100% truthful and accurate[/quote:31gcdmyn]

So in other words, you don’t know at all. Well I’m glad I understand this finally. You believe in the Bible because… of no reason at all.