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[quote:1w127269]Uncertaindrummer says: [quote:1w127269]Well that is all well and good but James says even the devils believe in God and Jesus. So… that obviously cannot be ALL we need to do. Believing in Jesus can be many different things. [/quote:1w127269]

What takes away sins? Jesus is God – We cannot add to or even think that We can do something to take away sins. The point I’m making for example is as I’ve attempted to illustrate, Hebrews 1:3 says “After having purged us of our sins ….” yet your church teaches about Purgatory” – which goes against God’s Holy Word, but you would stand firm as a good catholic to defend that teaching… so which is it that you believe in? And I could go on and on and on…[/quote:1w127269]

I really don’t even understand the purpose of this post. Purgatory most certainly doesn’t go against any Biblical teaching. Indeed, if one were to look up 1 Cor 3: 10-15, one would find a rather concise explanation of purgatory.

In fact, it is the erroneous protestant idea that we can enter Heaven while sin still holds sway over us (unlike Catholics, who believe any lingering sin or effects of sin must be purged) who are voiding the Word of God, by ignoring the fact that the Bible clearly says nothing unclean shall enter Heaven.

But go ahead, interpret the Bible for yourself. After all, it isn’t like Peter condemned such a practice or anything :rolleyes: