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Wow, this is really getting nowhere.

Ron, thank you very much for coming to a Catholic website and telling some very well qualified and very faithful people that all the study of the Catholic beliefs they have done is wrong and that you know the truth.

Ron, what would we have done without your insight? It seems like you are the only one with the special knowledge of what the Catholic Church [i:2gk1awh1]really[/i:2gk1awh1] teaches. You are truly an angel sent from God.

I can’t believe that you have the audacity to come here and tell us what we believe. How foolish is that? Maybe you’ve read the DaVinci code a few too many times. The Catholic Church harbors no secrets about its beliefs. [b:2gk1awh1]YOU[/b:2gk1awh1] are the one who has been decieved, Ron, and you continue to try and deceive others about the Catholic Church through either your own ignorance or sheer stupidity or (even worse) both.

You have broken rule #3[/url:2gk1awh1] countless times and it has finally gone too far. You are suspended from posting here for one week and if you choose to return after one week and continue your thoughtless, anti-Catholic rhetoric you will be banned permanently.