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Amongst many, here are some questions people usually ask:

[i:27os9ozj]1. How can you believe in the Church when the Church is completely corrupt?

2. How can you be sure that Jesus was not just another man? Who says it wasn’t the Church that made him divine?

3. How can you be religious in our times? Religion is a thing of the past, for foolish people.

4. The Church is all about backwardness and she’s an enemy of progress and ideas. How can you even consider what they say as true?

5. The Vatican is rich and corrupt and the Pope is a monarch living in the past. Why do you worship this mafia-boy?[/i:27os9ozj]

Well, there are many more of this ¬´pearls¬ª that I could share with you that clearly show the social and cultural prejudice and ignorance against the Church in our times, even in traditional catholic countries like mine. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

It’s hard to be a catholic but it’s worth it! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />