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Weather wrote
[quote:2ac3sp48]this issue is a major stumbling block for many non-Catholis, especially Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses[/quote:2ac3sp48]
Umm, are you implying that Protestants and Jehova’s Witnesses are in the same camp? I pray not :shock:

[quote:2ac3sp48]The early Church clearly understood the Apostles teaching on purgatory.[/quote:2ac3sp48]
Actually, the Early Church formulated the idea of purgatory based on their interpretation of Scripture. It is not specifically mentioned in Scripture, much like the Trinity (though we understand by logical reasoning that it is true that God is three in one). I think I understand what you’re saying though, that the overlaying theme of the NT scriptures seem to suggest that purgatory may exist, although there is not any specific mention of it.

herkman asked if someone could “give me a couple of Bible verses about purgatory?”

Like I’ve said here, there’s no specific mention of it. The Early Church Fathers reasoned that God must have something in which to cleanse sins before entering paradise. I’ve said it before somewhere but as an Evangelical you must have heard of CS Lewis and should read his “The Great Divorce”. That’ll give you a different perspective from a non-Catholic who is given credit as being one of the greatest among modern Christian thinkers.

Also, here’s something that must always be considered: there’s too much not even mentioned in Scripture. Some things must be constructed through reason and sound theology based on what has been passed down to us through tradition from the Early Church Fathers on how the Scriptures are to be interpreted and how to answer the questions that need to be addressed but are not explicitly spoken of in the Bible. For interest sake look at 1 Cor 15:29.