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yes, evangelicalism grew out of Protestantism, therefore to be Evangelical is to be Protestant. IF you must, look it up: http://www.webster.com/dictionary/evangelicalism

Now, something must be said about your rhetorical style (if any). To perform sound exegesis does not mean cite anything related to baptism and make comments on it that support your preconceived notions. (sigh*).

[quote:23yya8x3]1 John 5:1 states in the Greek, “Anyone who…[/quote:23yya8x3]

Is anyone else bothered by this? Herkmen, it is strange that you (or someone else) write in English what should have been given in Gk (you said “1 John 5:1 states in the Greek” – then tell us the Greek!). Knowing the biblical languages (or using them) is only useful when you discuss the different ways clauses have been interpreted, otherwise the exegesis is wasted.

All of your beliefs I am 100% familiar with. In fact, I may agree with a lot of your statements (hey, I’m Protestant – I mean Evangelical…). But you’ll never convince another Christian (I will continue to refer to Christian Catholics in this way) that there baptism is wrong (and so on) with your rhetorical style.

I would like to know which Evangelical Denomination and which church you go to. I think you should talk to your pastor about some of your questions, perhaps he can help your questions.