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[b:71sknedb]Hello Victor, You said:[/b:71sknedb]

Lastly, if involving commitment with God is something one must DO, then it is rather obvious that Ron doesn’t believe in a DO NOTHING faith. More interesting is whether someone has to even do this to go to heaven. Do they Ron? [/quote:71sknedb]

I’ve explained that nothing we do except believing in what Jesus did at Calvary nearly 2000 years ago, will get them into Heaven, no amount of anything we do can help get anyone into Heaven, that works comes after the faith part just as Ephesians 2:10 follows verses 8+9, faith alone saves.
The works just reflect what one believes. For instance, to believe in a place such as Purgatory proves that you don’t believe Jesus took care of your sins.

Uncertaindrummer, You said:
[quote:71sknedb]Well discussing salvation with Ron is nearly impossible. So is discussing purgatory. He just keeps repeating the same things and acting as if they prove something.

Jesus redeemed us Ron, he didn’t deliver us from having any responsibility at all, which is what you are saying. Why should I not sin? Well, according to you, there is no reason at all to not sin. [/quote:71sknedb]

Kindly be specific about what you are trying to say such as what I keep repeating that you don’t understand?
Why would a believer want to sin? There are a lot of reasons not to sin, If you truly are a believer, wouldn’t you want to be like Jesus could be #1. #2 – God disciplines HIS children would be another reason

You surely misunderstand much of Scriptures