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[quote:26sgwu2r][b:26sgwu2r]Uncertaindrummer you said – [/b:26sgwu2r]
[quote:26sgwu2r]I see now that no amount of common sense will do you good. You can throw scriptue passages at me all day long. You think I haven’t READ them? How about reading 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. Just read it with an open mind and tell me what you think of it. [/quote:26sgwu2r]

[b:26sgwu2r]I’m well aware of those verses… Did you read them? They say nothing about anybody going through fire.. it says our works do, our works are examined for what? motivation behind the things we’ve done. Furthermore Scriptures do not contradict other Scriptures such as Hebrews 9:22 – that tells us without the sheding of blood there is no forgiveness – it says nothing about being purged BY fire! So now who is using common sense here? you continued:[/b:26sgwu2r][/quote:26sgwu2r]

You are right, Scripture can’t contradict itself, and 1 Corinthians 3: 10-15 clearly says that we will suffer loss but still be saved. Now how exactly is that possible? How can we be burned and yet still be saved? Purgatory is simply the only thing that makes sense.

[quote:26sgwu2r][b:26sgwu2r]I am aware of James and he is correct “Faith without works is dead!” But Faith in what? your abilities to do enough to gain Heaven? Cann”t happen, but faith alone in what Jesus did does save THEN if one says He believes they should have been doing works as evidence that one really is a Believer, not as a means to gain Heaven; It is clearly demonstrated in that Ephesians 2:10 follows verses 8+9 where the works comes in! You continued:[/b:26sgwu2r][/quote:26sgwu2r]

James ALSO says we are justified by “works and not by faith alone”. I don’t suppose you’d care to explain THAT to me?

[quote:26sgwu2r][b:26sgwu2r]What sin isn’t deadly? James as you recommended says if we are guilty of one we’re guilty of all! What sins can we get away with? none- for no sin enters Heaven (Rev.21:27) Now if we both sin and die which is very likely to happen, I still get saved because I trusted in the finished work of Jesus at Calvary, but you who trusts in priests and sacrements and purgatory…. well read John 3:36 – it (the second half) is self explanitory[/b:26sgwu2r][/quote:26sgwu2r]

What sin isn’t deadly? Haven’t you read where John TELLS us not all sin is deadly? So you are, as usual, going back to the old protestant idea that if we die with sin it all gets wiped away for no good reason at all. so tell me, why shouldn’t i sin ALL THE TIME? Why shouldn’t I do what Luther said, and sin a thousand times a day to prove my faith in Jesus Christ (and have a good time while doing it)?

Sinning is not a minor thing and yet you would have us believe it is a totally unimportant thing, that we can do with impunity as long as we believe in Jesus. Like James says, the devils believe in Jesus. We have to do more than that.