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[b:3cv5tgti]Uncertaindrummer, you said:[/b:3cv5tgti]
[quote:3cv5tgti]What sin did He not take care of? Lemme ask you something. When it says He redeemed us, does it mean only those who believe in Him? No, He redeemed HUMANITY, and yet not everyone is going to Heaven, so obviously there is more to it than that.

[b:3cv5tgti]Yes but only those whom believe in His work at Calvary are saved – (see John 3:16 and 3:36)[/b:3cv5tgti]

I find it hard to believe you are naive enough to think that you can go around sinning as often as you like and it won’t matter[/quote:3cv5tgti].

And whomever gave you that idea? It certainly wasn’t me as a believer it never gives anyone the free license to sin all they want too for we are new creatures in Christ or is it just what you’ve been told to think?[/i][/b]