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Peace be with you Benedict,

[quote:31q1ozez]If we were talking Adam and Eve I could see your point. But man is fallen. Each of us is born with concupiscence, but is being tempted to sin itself a sin? [/quote:31q1ozez]

We are all created in his image to my knowledge, the stain of original sin changed our nature, so I guess there could be a place in creation for homosexuality. I yield to this only because I am not as knowledgeable on this issue as I am learning I should be.

[quote:31q1ozez]You are not differentiating homosexual (being attracted to the same sex) and gay (a homosexual lifestyle).[/quote:31q1ozez]

I did not know there is a difference. Again I see it as a choice, nothing else in nature is homosexual. There are plenty of examples of heterosexual and asexual. But I cannot recall any examples, other then human, of homosexual. Again could be my ignorance.

God Bless!